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Q: What causes my unwanted hair?

A: Hair growth can be caused by several things. The main reasons are hormones (puberty, pregnancy, PCOS, and menopause), topical stimulation (shaving, waxing, plucking, even a cast rubbing on the skin for too long!) and genetics. Finding the cause of hair growth is very important in partnership with your treatments.

Q: Are there different kinds of electrolysis?

A: Yes, there are 3 types of electrolysis:

Thermolysis- very commonly used method. Using one filament, this method uses alternating current (AC) to create heat the inside of the follicle until it is coagulated. This method takes the shortest amount of time per session.

Galvanic- very rarely used method. It uses multiple filaments at once and uses direct current (DC) to create a chemical reaction with the moisture and salts in the body to create lye to destroy the follicle. This method takes the longest amount of time per session.

The Blend- Many electrologists recommend this method for their clients. It takes longer than thermolysis, but it is significantly faster than galvanic. The blend takes the best of both worlds from galvanic and thermolysis using DC to create lye and the oscillation from the AC to get the lye into all the nooks and crannies of the follicle. This blend of the two methods is a far more effective treatment than either thermolysis or galvanic alone.

Q: Is electrolysis effective/permanent?

A: Yes. Electrolysis is the only recognized means of permanent hair removal. It is recommended by physicians and dermatologists for it's safe and effective reputation. Some people are very receptive to treatment and will need shorter and shorter appointments each time. Others will require several treatments before results are noticeable. Sticking to your appointment timing is very important as treatments are most effective in the anagen stage of hair growth. The anagen stage of hair growth is the stage in which hair is connected to the papilla where the hair received nutrients. 

Q: How does electrolysis work?

A: A hair sized filament will be introduced into a follicle one hair at a time. When the filament is in place, a small amount of electricity will enter the follicle to coagulate the area of the follicle, while another current creates a reaction with the body salts the creates lye to further treat the follicle. Once the area is fully coagulated the hair will be removed. It usually takes 4-6 weeks for hair to grow back after treatment. Appointment times will become shorter and shorter as more and more hair is permanently gone!

Q: Does electrolysis hurt?

A: Let's be honest, most temporary hair removal is uncomfortable (waxing, laser, plucking, etc.) Each person's pain tolerance is a little different. Some people experience discomfort while others take naps during their treatments!

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